BS-11 Shaking Heating Bath with Spring wire rack and Gable cover(25L)


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Shaking Type
Precision water bath with 180rpm Shaking function

  • Temperature control and shaking can be set independently.
  • Spring wire Rack as standard accessory.
  • 120V 60Hz 66lbs


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Structural Functional Features

  • Simultaneous maintains the sample at a precise temperature while providing a reciprocal Shaking environment of up to 180 rpm.
  • Excellent temperature variation due to shaking motion.
  • Drain valve for easy draining of bath solution.
  • Upper part is made of stainless steel and is easy to maintain.
  • Convenient for carrying and moving with handles on the left and right sides.
  • Vibration is minimized during shaking by using BLDC motor.
  • Convenient structure for sample handling due to the dropped location of the internal bath and device control part.

Use Convenience Features

  • Simultaneously displays temperature and shaking speed.
  • Temperature control and shaking can be set independently.
  • Prevents sample run-off thanks to smooth shaking start.
  • Microprocessor PID method for precise temperature control.
  • Optimized temperature control with temperature autotuning.
  • Calibration function minimizes temperature difference.
  • Wait On/Off timer. (up to 99 hours 59 minutes)
  • Automatic restart of operation when power is restored after sudden power failure.

Outstanding Safety

  • Top-rated overheating protection system.
    (registration 10-0397583)
  • Over temperature limit function.
  • Safe structure in which the heater, sensor, and pump inside the bath are separated by covering plates.

Inner Gable Cover

  • Standard provided cover minimizes water evaporation.
  • Gable roof-shape interior prevents condensed water from falling onto specimen.
  • Convenient use at high temperatures with cover handle.

Spring Wire Rack

  • One supplied made of stainless steel.
  • Easy to maintain as structure makes for convenient attachment to body.
  • It has a lattice-shaped double spring structure, which makes it easy to fix various kinds of experiment containers and the height can also be easily adjusted.
Spring Wire Rack (1ea: standard)

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Bath volume (L / cu ft) 25 / 0.9
Working temp. range (?? / ??) Amb. +5 to 100 / Amb. +9 to 212
Temp. stability at 50?? (???? / ??) 0.1 / 0.18
Motion type Reciprocal
Frequency (rpm) 20 to 180
Stroke length (mm / inch) 30 / 1.2 (25, 35 / 1.0, 1.4 available)
Bath opening / depth (W x L, D) (mm / inch) 319 x 300, 235 / 12.6×11.8, 9.3
Exterior (W x L x H) (mm / inch) 550 x 440 x 355 / 21.7 x 17.3 x 14
Net weight (kg / lbs) 30 / 66
Electrical requirements (120V, 60Hz, A) 8.8
Cat. No. AAH44113U

?? The lowest temperature that can be controlled depends on changes in room temperature and sample temperature.
Therefore, please contact the distributor of our products before purchasing for technical consultation.
?? Technical data (according to DIN 12876)
?? Bath fluid : Water

Voltage Hertz Phase Plug Type
120 60 1P Type B l NEMA 5