Precision Ultrasonic Homogenizer with Elongated Waveguide


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Ultrasonic Homogenizers are sometimes referred to as processors or dispersers.

Shield Ultrasonic has been manufacturing ultrasonic homogenizers for more than a decade. Our inhouse research laboratory has improved on the existing systems, while implementing and creating never before used tech for our state of the art homogenizers. We currently produce 5 variations.
– Standard Ultrasonic homogenizer
– Dustproof Ultrasonic homogenizer
– Flow-through Ultrasonic homogenizer
– Table-top Ultrasonic homogenizer
– Ultrasonic homogenizer with elongated waveguide

The waveguide (sonotrode), the operating element of an ultrasonic homogenizer, vibrates mechanically at a frequency of several tens of thousands of times per second, with an amplitude of several microns, and can perform various useful tasks depending on the goals and materials used for processing.

An ultrasonic processor is most often used to convert solid and liquid media to dispersed state (superfine dispersing and atomizing). For this reason, it is called an ULTRASONIC DISPERSER and used to grind solids in liquids for suspensions, liquids in liquids for emulsions or liquids in gases for atomizing.

Ultrasonic vibrations create high-dispersion and homogeneous mixtures, with particles no more than several fractions of a micron in size, e.g.: suspensions where solid microparticles are suspended in liquids, emulsions with immiscible microparticles of one liquid in a second liquid, and solids with liquid micro-drops in gas.

Suspensions are dispersed when solid particle aggregates bonded by adhesion, agglutination or cleavage forces are exposed to ultrasound.

During ultrasonic dispersion of suspensions, the degree of product fineness is several orders of magnitude higher than in conventional mechanical grinding. Without ultrasonic processing, high-quality emulsions for many liquids cannot be obtained at all.

During operation, the waveguide generates high cavitation and acoustic flows in liquids to mix liquids that cannot be mixed by any other method (e.g. oil and water).

It is a fast and effective way to make high-quality emulsions and suspensions; extract dry matter to liquid; accelerate coagulation by several times; clean and sterilize any item in a cleaning solution and remove contaminants from the surface quickly and efficiently.

Ultrasonic processing is indispensable in many sectors, including chemical and pharmaceutical industries, perfume manufacturing, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

The food industry is yet to take full advantage of all the benefits offered by ultrasound technology.

For example, if milk is treated for only one minute, its structure will become more homogeneous because of milk fat dispersion; more importantly, the shelf life of such milk without heat treatment will be much longer.

Vegetable oil/water emulsions produced by the disperser considerably reduce vegetable oil consumption when making bread.

Ultrasonic processing is very efficient in winemaking: it improves wine quality and shortens wine maturation time because it accelerates tartaric stabilization by several times.

Ultrasonic dispersers are based on advanced microprocessor-controlled piezoceramic radiators and ultrasonic generators.

Specially designed and optimized replaceable operating tools (waveguides) are made of titanium alloys.

The generator automatically adjusts to loads: the higher the density of processed liquid is, the more energy the radiator gives away.

Ultrasound speeds up production processes by several times improving their efficiency. Production processes enhanced by the ultrasound technology, such as wood impregnation, intensification of galvanic processes, wine and cognac ageing, etc., save time and money and deliver superb performance.

We can manufacture any size waveguide, contact us for custom waveguide pricing.



Rotor Rotation Speed RPM 100 – 3,500
Timer min 1 – 99
Maximum Centrifugal Force RCF 2,300
Brake Levels 6
Working Temperature Range ˚ C from +10 up to +40
Relative Air Moisture at 20˚C % 80
Voltage and Frequency V, Hz 100 – 240V; 50/60Hz
Maximal Consumable Power W 250
Size (L x W x H) mm 430 x 410 x 220
Weight kg 12.6




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