Precision Ultrasonic Drill Press with Knife


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Available on backorder


The UDP-2 tabletop machine makes perforations of any shape in glass, stone, ceramics, etc., without creating internal stresses in the perforated material. This means that perforations in glass can be made very close to the edge of a workpiece; also, many perforations can be made close to each other, without the risk of breaking the glass due to internal stresses. The shape of perforations depends on the profile of the processing titanium tool. A flat instrument, the so-called ultrasonic knife, may also be used.

The UDP-6 machine uses the ultrasonic technology to make perforations ranging from 0.7 to 10 mm in diameter in solid and fragile materials.

These machines are in great demand in the jewelry industry, souvenir-making, and the electronics industry (perforating printed circuit boards). They are also used for creating through and blind pin holes (max. 2 mm in diameter) in semi-precious and precious stones, ceramics, and other solid and fragile materials, including with an ordinary sewing needle. With the help of a custom instrument, the operating tool (needle) is replaced in a matter of seconds, without the need for a soldering iron.



Maximum mains power W max 500
Power voltage V 120
Maximum dimensions of the ultrasonic generator (LxWxH) mm 300х200х130
Maximum dimensions of the perforation unit (LxWxH) mm 550х450х850
Maximum weight of the ultrasonic generator Kg 4.5
Maximum weight of the ultrasonic perforation unit Kg 80



Cutting different shapes per customer specifications

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