TOGA® Puri Intelligent, Fume Extraction Arm with Portable Filter Box, White


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Unlike commercial air purifiers, the TOGA® Puri Intelligent is equipped with TOGA® filter technology to remove toxic gases as they are generated, at their source, before they are able to spread, providing a safer and healthier laboratory environment.

Category TOGA® Puri Intelligent Portable
Model TOGA-M01D
(W x D x H, mm)
400 x 400 x 960mm
Purification Efficiency Over 99.7% of toxic gases, VOC’s, acids, bases, and foul odors
Filter Replacement Period (Recommended) 1 year (actual filter life may vary according to use, concentration and quantities of reagents stored)
Air Volume 10m3/min
Applicable Room Area
Power Consumption 169W
Voltage, Frequency AC 120V, 50/60Hz
Air Velocity Control 5 Levels
Weight 65kg