GT SCIEN TOGA-UGS01 Reagent Cabinet


Available on backorder

  • Track number of storaged reagents and their expiration dates
  • Check reagent usage directly via the UI
  • Filter replacement alarm
  • Security features allowing only authorized personnel to access the cabinets
  • Alerts when door is open and when filter needs to be replaced

Lead Time: 2 Months

Completely closed reagent storage cabinet equipped with powerful IoT reagent management technology

TOGA Safe Smart

Equipped with TOGA filter technology to remove toxic gases generated from reagents stored inside the cabinet.  Completely closed structural design ensures toxic fumes and noxious odors stay inside the cabinet to be purified by the TOGA filters.  External contaminants, such as dust, cannot enter the cabinet, extending filter life.  IoT system manages and monitors reagent use in real-time. The complete filtered storage solution for your laboratory.





Model TOGA-UGS01(Single-Door) TOGA-UGS02(Double-Door)
(W x D x H, mm)
Exterior 800 x 540 x 1950 1600 x 540 x 1950
Interior 690 x 500 x 1580 1480 x 500 x 1580
Volume 1L/ 120 bottles 1L/ 260 bottles
Controller 7” IoT Touchpad
Reagent Management System possible
Filter Replacement Period (Recommended) 1 year (actual filter life may vary according to use, concentration and quantities of reagents stored)
Noise < 50dB
Voltage, Frequency AC120V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 20W 50W
Weight 150kg 250kg
No. of Shelves 5 10